Bio – Me vs. Me

Hey Everyone,

Figured it was time to fill in this void, however unlike most blogs or websites I wont go into some third-party narration bio about me. Its uncomfortable enough talking about yourself trying not to elaborate too much how amazing you truly are.

This site is just me no assistant at my call to make me sounds like I own some sort of title, that I do NOT.

You can call me what you will, my name is not my entirety. I am currently 27 I live in southern California I grew up in a small town called Tehachapi which I absolutely adore it was small enough to find a shit talker, yet wide open enough for me to get in plenty of trouble growing up. I spent a good time with some pretty miraculous people who opened my eyes even at a young age I was coming to learn the difference between the popularity brackets at school and the separation after the bell. I was raised majority by my Mom and grandpa Glenn (Papa) they raised me on hard lessons. I was to befriend everyone and judge no one and for the occasions I did I ended up standing in my teachers shoes living what she went through spit-wads, taunting, repeats and just down right disrespect.

It clicked for my entire class that teachers aren’t some foreign beings’ when before Christmas vacation the principal and police officers came to our class door to speak to our teacher of course assuming our teacher was in trouble we ran to listen in. Our teachers daughter was killed in a car accident on her way home for Christmas and to this day all I remember is her screaming on the floor of our classroom with her purse. She changed us all. This story may not seem relevant to my bio but it is, this is just one piece that helped define who I would become.

How I came to be Virtual…

I ended up on Myspace first of course after many of my friends begged me to get on as a form of keeping contact on a regular basis, this spiraled out of control a little bit but I ended up accumulating over 200 thousand friends only to have my page hacked and thousands deleted it took awhile to find some of them again. I was Pin up of the month for Decisions In, had a spat article in Whats Crackin Magazine, Became a cartoon for Substance 80 (poster Love Hurts), ended up being verified for Myspace Top 100 Profiles by Verified. I have ended up on more than a 100 different sites for Miss MySpace, Rockers VIx. etc. majority of which I have come to find Facebook just ran down real quick. I began using social sites to stay connected with everyone then found I met so many people and was opened to not only meeting new people but exploring new places, testing new boundaries and finding new passions. Such as charities I was introduced to SocialVibe a few years ago and fell in love, it was a way to meet more new people as well as see things majority of us aren’t even aware of going on in the world or our own country. I’m obsessed with my passion for helping any cause I believe in.

Growing Up..

I was an odd kid, I was captain of the pep squad and won a great title for CSUB competing against other colleges our sponsor was CSUB we kicked ass. But after school hung out with the hippies camping in the mountains waiting for gnomes and fairies, tripping out all the acid trippers with my glittery acrylic nails. Spent weekends with my Papa shooting and learning how to bake and cook mass amounts of food for people in need. Summer vacation’s we spent hauling down food donations to Mexico and spent one summer building bikes for a bunch of kids. Until I was old enough to work with my mom she managed a Tattoo Parlor for years before she opened her own shop she was an artist for over 36 years. So By 14 I was at Tattoo conventions being taught how to critique good artwork.

Attitude and Boobs…

I have gone from little and cute, to lanky and awkward, to tall and feisty. For the past 10 years I have done a lot of different things, I worked at my families tattoo parlor, then went on to work for mentally disabled adults and autistic children which I loved. I went to school for my Bachelors in Science Technology along with some added classes such as Business Management and Environmental Studies. And lastly went back to work in property management, I have a job that I absolutely love and get to work with allot of people that I have come to adore.

Who Am I……

I will be the first to say I am no one special, I am just like everybody else just a little more honest obnoxious and loud. I am not hear to show off my goods and make you follow me around like a puppy dog because your waiting for the next glimpse. I go at my own speed (im sure they’re gonna fallout onto your monitor soonish), I honestly live in my own world but I adore the world we all live in. I have a voice and am going to use it; my conscious just happens to be a perverted old man so you get a lot of dirty or vulgar thoughts that some look forward to and other’s could care less about. More than likely I will appeal to your taste I have a little something for everybody, I love all things enticing, my life is about changing the world my children will live in. I believe in no set religion but have come to find a piece of every religion beautiful and worth respecting, I believe in all Gods.

I am obsessive and neurotic, hypocritical not your typical size 2 or 5 I am 6 foot and curves, but aside from my flaws I’m still pretty amazing. I want to be known for changing lives or making a difference, not infamous for the amount of friends or followers I have or accumulate.

I started this blog to literally rant and rave about everything and nothing at all and maybe sneak in a couple of messages that are meant just for you that neither you nor I know anything about. Theres a purpose I just haven’t learned it yet:)

I’m sure I’ll continuously ass :-p this up here and there, because as I said before I am neurotic and constantly try to fix the perfections in my flaws.

LaDolceBella <;3

Note this is my escape whether you agree or disagree this is my freedom so leave your judgment at the door…..


6 thoughts on “Bio – Me vs. Me

    • I d just found your blog and I couldn’t stop rdeiang it! Your pictures are very beautiful and ofcourse the sweetness inside it! You inspire me to run to the kitchen and bake something right away haha.. :) Keep the good work up!

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