Rupe’s Bacon Stuffed Turkey Leg’s

If you have ever ate at my house during football season, or are one of my special love’s you have already had these and know how addicting these get.

I would advise anyone who is in the dog house or want’s to earn bonus point’s to make these and you will see how crazy silent it will get. If there is one thing I can appreciate it is football however there are some game’s I could honestly care less to watch unlike my wonderful hunny who will watch every game probably at least twice depending who it is.

But if I was taught anything about adding some spice to your life, it’s sometime’s you need to kick it up a notch in the bedroom and the kitchen you should always have a recipe or secret weapon that will shut it down. (thank you Gpa)

My secret weapon recipe is bacon stuffed turkey leg’s.

I am just going to give you the run down of this recipe, as I do not measure I am a taste kinda girl this varies for everyone.



Turkey Leg’s (fatties)

Thick Cut Bacon (deli’s bacon is always great for this, pepper or apple wood is really good)

Chicken Stock 1 1/2 cup

Reserved bacon/Sausage Dripping’s (fat)

Red Pepper Flakes (optional)

Black Pepper

Poultry Seasoning

Garlic Powder

Garlic Clove’s (optional)

Onion Powder

Brine (salt water bath) creating a brine is entirely up to you, you can skip this step i don’t because it makes the meat juicy and more flavorful. I use multiple different brine’s depending if I am in a sweet mood or salty/spicy mood/ The basic is just water and salt taste the water if it’s a little to salty that’s perfect, over powering salt add more water and maybe some brown sugar.

General brine measurement’s are 1 gallon of water to 1 cup of salt

Set oven to 325

1. Make your brine using warm water so the salt dissolves

2. Take defrosted turkey leg’s and place them in your brine bath leave for at least 4 hours up to 8 hours.

3. Remove turkey leg’s from the brine then pat dry really well with a kitchen towel.

4. Then gently lift the turkey’s skin (do not pull it back toward’s the bone) lift it up enough so you can work in two finger’s under the skin back towards the bone enough to make a pouch.

5. Then take uncooked bacon strips cut in half and gently shove the bacon under the skin of the turkey into the pouch, make sure you pull the skin of the turkey over the bacon it is ok if a little peak’s out but not much. I usually fit in 1 – 2 cut slice’s of bacon in it will depend on the size of your turkey leg’s.

6. While heating up the reserved bacon/ sausage dripping’s from that morning or the morning before. Yes, of course you can use Manteca, I season the outside of the leg’s good using the black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder and a little poultry seasoning. If you do not like the flavor of poultry seasoning or onion omit it! I have seasoned this multiple way’s using seasoning salt and pepper, or a bbq rub.

7. make sure the drippings are hot i usually run my hand under water then drop it in the pan if it splatter’s its done, depending on the size of the pan your using seer ONE at a time, I brown it on all side’s only turning four time’s about a minute – two per side.

8. After you’ve seared all the turkey leg’s place them in an oven safe baking dish,  pour in 1 1/2 cup’s chicken stock, and add two pinch’s of red pepper flakes cover with foil and bake at 325 for 40 minutes then remove foil and bake for another 20 – 30 minute’s turning twice so the turkey leg’s come out of the oven bacon side up. I also suggest if you have a hot running oven like mine that when your leg’s are uncovered baste or ladle over some of the juice from time to time.

Optional – before putting in the oven when adding the stock add one cut up onion (white or purple) and  a stalk of celery cut in half with 2 whole peeled clove’s of garlic. – the broth that is rendered from making this make’s the most amazing gravy you can imagine!

NOTE: Depending on your oven and the size of your leg’s it could take less or more time! This is why I cook them on a lower setting because my oven run’s hot. and the best way I can tell when it is done is the leg bone is exposed you will so how the meat and skin that was there thins :). If you are not sure use a thermometer, no shame there!

Hope you love as much as my family, if not sorry lol I do encourage you to play with the flavor’s of your spice’s if you really like them because my sister like’s her’s more sweet and sticky so I even sprinkle her’s with a little brown sugar, and my hunny love’s them salty and spicy.

Have fun Hope you Enjoy xoxoox ♥


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